12 Aug 2012 – Spirituality is normal and natural

One day, a Swiss man, whom Anita had told of Baba, came to meet him. He had gone on a fast to prepare himself for […]

12 Aug 2012 – True Worth

One day, Baba asked the doctor what he was thinking. Daulat Singh replied, “Some of my friends and family are anxious for your darshan, but […]

10 Aug 2012 – Fear means no love

(Both Bill Le Page and John Ballantyne were asked to sit inside the crypt and meditate during their stay at Meherabad, Sept 1954) … Baba […]

10 Aug 2012 – Chaos everywhere

As soon as they settled in at Golkothi, all had a bath. But the next day, they found that the well in their compound was […]

09 Aug 2012 – Unless one surrenders to Guru, a disciple gains nothing

A WANDERING SANYASI, who was a recluse and an ascetic, once showed up at Meherabad during this period. He had heard of Meher Baba and […]

08 Aug 2012 – God is the Ocean of mercy!

IN DECEMBER 1943, an Irani came to Meherabad and wanted to place five hundred rupees at Baba’s feet. Baba did not accept the money, but […]

07 Aug 2012 – Backbiting sanskaras are deeper – takes millions of births to wipe out!

Explaining to one woman devotee about slander, Baba cited this couplet of Kabir:

“He who slanders me is my friend

because with his […]

05 Aug 2012 – He who dies with my name on his lips never dies!

ON OCTOBER 14th, Baba left Satara for Ganeshkhind Garden in Poona. Eruch, Nilu and Gustadji accompanied him. He stayed in the botanical gardens […]

04 Aug 2012 – Do you want me or my blessings?

DURING THIS PERIOD, one of the men would escort Baba back and forth between Grafton and Rosewood bungalows, holding an umbrella over his head. One […]

02 Aug 2012 – A good lesson in obedience

IN SCARSDALE, meals for Baba and the women were being prepared by a black cook named Alberta. She had previously worked for Elizabeth in […]