20121228 – Only Sadguru can alter the course of experience to realize God – part 2 (final)

In fact, there is nothing such as happiness and misery, virtue and vice, or good and bad. Only bliss exists! The experiences of happiness, misery, virtue, vice, good and bad are nothing. But they are the necessary steppingstones on the course to higher things which, though illusory, everyone has to pass through.

Only the Sadguru can alter, divert or destroy this course. That is, he can change the course of a person’s destiny. This automatically occurs once a person comes in contact with such a Master. Unless all the experiences and sanskaras of this course are wiped out totally, there is no chance of Realization for the disciple; and only a Perfect Master can do that. –www.lordmeher.org, p 1203

Fate is based on karma; that law of cause and effect which governs the events of our present life as well as those of our future lives. Through evolution the soul receives, by means of the spirit, the impressions or sanskaras. The processes which create the experiences and later the elimination of these impressions can be called fate, fortune, luck or chance. –Lord Meher (First Ed), p2172

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