20121229 – ‘Unless you lose yourself, you cannot find yourself?’- Part 1


On Sunday, September 22nd, Baba asked the women, “Who was it who said, ‘Unless you lose yourself, you cannot find yourself?’ ”

Elizabeth replied, “Christ.”

“What does it mean?” Baba asked.

One woman replied, “To conquer desire.”

Another replied, “To annihilate the lower self.”

Elizabeth answered, “To quote the words of the saint: ‘Let not my will be done, but Thine.’ ”

Baba nodded in approval and stated that Elizabeth’s was the nearest to the full truth. He explained in detail:

It means three things in one: first, love God so much that you forget yourself; second, sacrifice your carnal desires for the soul; and third, complete resignation to God’s will.

And when you love too much, you do forget yourself. Now how to do that practically? Love for other things like men, women, cars, dogs, et cetera, comes spontaneously. It is no gift, but spontaneity; it is natural. Loving God comes by practice and by process to a certain point. But loving God mostly is a gift. To love Baba, you need to think of Baba. If you think of Baba, you do not think of yourself. The more you think of Baba, the less you think of yourself. So, to love God so much that you forget yourself means that you think of God so much that you can no longer think of yourself! By thinking continually, you become what you think of deeply. The mind makes one become what one thinks of deeply.

–www.lordmeher.org, p2614

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