20130410 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 2 (final)



You take food with your mouth, digest it and pass the excrement through your rectum. You know this. But does a stone know what is a mouth and what is a rectum? You would never try to eat with your rectum; it would be despicable to try to do such a thing. In the same way, the Sadguru knows perfectly the path by which to take you toward God-Realization. So he knows what sort of food you should eat, when to give it and where to give it. You, yourself, do not have the slightest idea about this kind of thing, and in this respect you are no better than stones!

Once you catch hold of the Sadguru’s feet, you must try your hardest to hold on to them and not let them slip from your grasp. Only then are you safe.

God is in the right hand of the Sadguru; Maya is in the left. God-Realization is in his right foot, and miracles (in illusion) are in the left foot. If his right heel is pressed down, the Om Point is directly affected. If a Sadguru places his right hand on the head of someone, intending to bestow on him God-Realization, that person receives it instantly.

–www.lordmeher.org, p798

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