20130430 – Academic knowledge is not the Be-all and End-all of learning

The principal of Saint Vincent’s High School in Poona, the Catholic priest E. R. D’Souza, sent a letter to Baba stating that since Baba had once been a student of that institution, it would be a pleasure to have him present at their Christian inter-faith Thanksgiving service to mark the school’s centenary in October 1967. Baba did not attend, but he did send this message on September 27th:

Schools help sincere students to equip themselves with knowledge and to become worthy citizens of society. And those students are wise who take full advantage of the educational institutions and their facilities.

But this knowledge is not the Be-all and End-all of learning. And there comes a time when one longs to reach the Source of Knowledge. The journey to this Source can only be undertaken when one learns to love in all simplicity and honesty the One Whom the pride of intellect veils.

When mind soars in pursuit of the things conceived in space, it pursues emptiness. But when man dives deep within himself, he experiences the fullness of existence.


–www.lordmeher.org, p6539

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