“Only when the play of life finishes do we realize that this was all a dream”

On the 5th, Baba urged the mandali never to fear illusion and gave them this simile:

Take, for example, a movie in which the […]

“I believe in self-control, not in coercion”

Continuing, Baba spelled out:

“I believe in self-control, not in coercion. Coercion is based on oppression, and results in fear and hatred. Self-control requires […]

“Spiritual jealousy leads to advancement, while material jealousy leads to ruination”

Finding Kim doing Baba’s personal work and herself excluded from it, Minta took it so badly she quietly went up to the third floor […]

“To forgive is hard; but it is the best thing if one can do it”

…it is impossible for men to forget their wrongdoing and the wrongs done to them by others. And since they cannot forget, they find […]

“Once I forgive, there is nothing to repent for”

Each man candidly revealed his weaknesses before Baba which satisfied him. Afterward he remarked, “Now you do not have to repent for […]

“Divine forgiveness burns them [sanskaras] away in no time”

When I tell you I forgive you, what happens? Then your bindings in duality become loose, and it does not take time to forgive. […]

True Education

Rustom and Sohrab behind Baba

One day, Baba emphasized to Rustom and Sohrab, “I joke with you, make fun at your expense, play cards […]

The highest practice of Yoga

Meher Baba once told His disciples, making objective use of a dispute which occurred between two persons:

All the meditations, yogas, concentrations do not […]