What is fasting of the mind?

What is fasting of the mind? It is to have no thoughts. This in itself is impossible, but remember me as often as you […]

Leaving everything to Him: “Everything!…Leave your pleasures to me, leave your pains to me”

Those who lose their all in me find their all in me ever after.

While they waited, Baba chatted lightheartedly with his lovers, who […]

Leaving everything to Him: Simple command but difficult for our willful selves

The following is Beryl Williams’ description of her first meeting with Baba at the Barn on May 17th:

Delia opened the door for me […]

Leaving everything to Him: “If you stop worrying, God has to begin to worry for you!”

At the Nalavalas’, Baba played with their four-year-old son, Naosherwan, and nine-year-old daughter, Mahroakh. Freiny complained to Baba that Keki was always worried about […]

Leaving everything to Him: “Baba, your will is my will”

Adarsh Khare said, “I want such love whereby I can really see you.”

Baba replied, “For such love, my grace is required.

If showered […]

Leaving everything to Him: : “Leave everything to me and be free.”

On the 24th, Baba permitted his company to several of his local lovers, such as the Khilnanis, Viloo, her daughters Gulnar and Freiny, Piroja, […]

Leaving everything to Him: “Either keep it yourself or give it up entirely.”

The great mistake you make is that you lift the burden from your head, but instead of placing it on the head of the […]

Leaving everything to Him: “You must have complete faith in me”

You must have complete faith in me. When an individual has one hundred percent faith in me and leaves everything to me, the burden […]

Leaving everything to Him: “When you leave all to me I dare not neglect”

During this period, Jehangu Sukhadwalla, Baba’s niece Gulnar’s husband, was working at the Poona airport. One evening as he was riding home on […]

True spirit to be fostered and kept up with warm feelings of love and brotherhood

Darwin Shaw had written that he was hoping to establish a retreat for Meher Baba in America. Baba wrote back:

Whether that retreat on […]