Internal fountain of bliss

Question: If all the beautiful things we have known moonlight, stars, music, the sound of the sea, the fragrance of flowers, our little dreams […]

What is the difference between destiny and fate or chance?

On Tuesday, 4 May 1937, in the living room before breakfast, Malcolm asked Baba, “What is the difference between destiny and fate or […]

“Why do the teachings of Avatars vary?”

In answer to the question, “Why do the teachings of Avatars vary?”

Baba replied:

The same One Divine Element had to […]

Avatars and marriage [Part 2/2]


Dry atmosphere marked the age of Krishna. The predominating elements then were internal strife, jealousy, greed. So he preached and founded […]

Avatars and marriage [Part 1/2]


Q: Why was Jesus not married?

Baba: Every Avatar adopts a particular aspect of his time. He adopts and embodies his […]

When the sun is high up, it does shine on you even if you don’t want it to


[Personal interviews]

Happy to see you. [Feels somewhat nervous.]

Do not feel nervous. Anything to ask or say?

I have doubts between […]

People talk, but do not seek God’s grace


[Personal interviews]

Q: In this standpoint of “Love” Consistent with Christian dogma?

Baba: Love has in it selfless service and renunciation of low […]

What is important is the life that Jesus lived


[Personal interviews]

Question: From the Christian standpoint, Christ is the only one and unique amongst prophets. Do you believe that?

Baba: Unique, indeed, […]

In all of them there is the one Infinite God



[Personal interviews]

Q: Will world conditions take a better turn?

Baba: Yes, it has to.

Q: Will there be an understanding […]

Don’t think much of self while doing service

[Personal Interviews]

Question: I am very happy to see you.

Baba: Anything to say?

Question : About the children for whose […]