08 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] How can I be honest?



“How can I be honest?” one of the visitors asked.

First, become honest with yourself. There should not be the slightest tinge of hypocrisy in your actions and behavior. Act according to your conscience. If you don’t listen to the voice of your heart, it would be hypocrisy. If you are a saint, call yourself a saint, and if you are not, call yourself an ordinary man. If you are not a saint and call yourself one, your heart will prick and pain you, and a storm will be created within! So why unnecessarily bring down trouble on your head?

… It is easy to be cut into pieces, but the upsetting of the heart is very terrible. By constantly disregarding its dictates, it becomes numb without feeling. That is like going down into a hole!

www.lordmeher.org, p5713

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