God and Love : “If you lose hold of the mantle of this Guide, there is only despair”


If you lose hold of the mantle of this Guide, there is only despair in store for you; the heart without Love is entombed in unending darkness and suffering; but the heart which is restless with Love is on the way to realization of the Unfading Light on the Unfathomable Sweetness of Life Divine.

Human love should not be despised even when it is fraught with limitations. It is bound to break through all these limitations and initiate the aspirant to the Eternal Life in the Truth so that the Lover loses his separate and false self and gets united with God who is the one matchless and indivisible Ocean of Unsurpassable Love.

The gateway to this highest state of being one with God is firmly closed for all who do not have the courage to lose their separate existence in the restless fire of Divine Love. I give my blessings to all who are thirsting for the full realization of divinity, for they shall be the pillars of the coming era of Truth and Love.

-“MESSAGES OF MEHER BABA Delivered in the East and West”, Compiled by Adi K. Irani, p69
Nov, 1944; Nagpur

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