Longing, patience, and rock-like faith – the three essential conditions – Part 2 (Final)


A person may be purposely snared by the Master and then thrown out! I, too, do such things. But a wise man silently puts up with everything that comes from a Master. One who is unwise becomes impatient and starts grumbling. But Masters always coax the aspirant along and gradually give him a push on the Path. We always behave like this; it is our nature.

Traversing the Path is like a pulling-pushing tug-of-war. But a wise man does not act in this way. A clever bird who is caught in a trap does not flap its wings to free itself. It remains quiet and unflustered, waiting for an opportunity to escape. An inexperienced bird flutters and squirms, becoming flustered and injuring itself more.

Think how patient Hafiz remained to have endured the treatment of his Master for 40 years! Your steadfastness and determination should be like the steady flow of castor oil when poured.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1083
Sept, 1929; Bombay

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