Struggle between the head and the heart



[In a letter to the Kimco, Baba wrote]

Your heart is so wonderful, always feeling so deeply and truly, and responsive to the call and understanding, but that peculiar mind of yours at times wobbles and tries to shake your faith, while your love revives it all again and afresh. One moment you feel quite prepared to do and withstand anything, the next moment you hesitate with if’s and but’s, and feel depressed and worried unnecessarily.

But I will see that this eternal struggle between the head and the heart, for you as well as for all others who suffer from the same weakness, ends eventually in the victory of the heart over the head, and brings about a blending of the two. In fact, I am working at it, suffering myself almost all the while by being misunderstood every moment, and in every act of compassion in raising the consciousness and understanding of humanity to a higher level…

Just a little individual effort to understand and do as I say would save so much trouble and pains for me and for all., p1753
November, 1936; Rahuri

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