Baba’s work: Two types of workers

There are two types of workers. For example, Keshav tells people who Baba is and what Baba says, and himself acts and lives as […]

Baba’s work: What is it?

What is Baba’s work? It is to explain to people who and what Baba is. Baba has always emphasized that one should love all, […]

“In such great uncertainty, real work is being done”

On Saturday, 19 September 1942, Baba explained about his work:

Reality is; unreality is not! Unreality, or “nothing,” is in the air. […]

About His work for humanity caught in famine



During this period [1943], there were numerous reports in the newspapers that famine was occurring in Calcutta, Lucknow and other […]

The oceanic upheaval of the Avatar’s manifestation


Early on Wednesday morning, 22 December 1948, Adi Sr. brought Manek Mehta and Burjor Mehta to Meherazad. Manek was the leader of a […]

The Working of the Avatar [2/6] – The numberless and far-reaching results of Avatar’s actions


Unlike the actions of ordinary men, the Avatar’s every action on the gross plane brings about numberless and far-reaching results on […]

“My method is to create and to abolish”



Kumar had brought the colt, Sheba, to Baba, and on June 27th, Baba told him to bring a deer. The […]

“If you want to share my work”



Baba informed Dhanapathy Rao, “On the 2nd [of March] I want all workers present, small and big, every one of […]

On doing Baba’s work

Explaining about work done in his name, Baba stated:

Work means to love Baba wholeheartedly, so much so that you become lost in my […]

How work should be done


Do whatever needs to be done, but do it as a spiritual being, as one who knows he is divine by nature and […]