Balancing of Sanskaras – The importance of implicit and unquestioning obedience to Baba

Returning to the subject of sanskaras, Baba recounted to the women this true story:

There was a man who was a great […]

Good and evil [9/9] – Realization is free from sanskaras and beyond good and bad

When there is exact balancing and overlapping of good and bad sanskaras, they both disappear; with the result that what remains is a clean […]

Good and evil [8/9] – Analogies for overlapping sanskaras

The ego lives either through bad sanskaras or through good sanskaras, or through a mixture of good and bad sanskaras. Therefore the […]

Good and evil [7/9] – Unbinding of good is easier than that of evil


The ego exchanges the abode of identification with evil for the abode of identification with good because the latter gives it a greater […]

Good and evil [6/9] – Role of a Perfect Master in the adjustment of sanskaras

Emancipation is not a matter of mere accumulation of virtue; it requires intelligent adjustment of sanskaras.

Each center of consciousness is unconsciously gravitating toward […]

Good and evil [5/9] – Balancing and overlapping good and bad sanskaras


The problem of the exact balancing and overlapping of the good and bad sanskaras is not a mathematical problem of matching […]

Good and evil [4/9] – Limited self lives in good sanskaras as well as bad

The gradual unfoldment of good brings in its train love, generosity, and peace. The good sanskaras deposited by the manifestations of these qualities overlap […]

Good and evil [3/9] – Saint and sinner

The general process of freeing oneself from the limitation of sanskaras has therefore to be accompanied by the process of renouncing the bad for […]

Good and evil [2/9] – Man start with animal sanskaras

Although in humans consciousness is fully developed, one finds in it a preponderance of bad elements; since at the subhuman stages of evolution, consciousness […]

Good and evil [1/9] – The distinction

[This series is an extract from the wonderful discourse given by Beloved Baba on ‘Good and Evil’]

Of the opposites created by […]