Like dust under Master’s feet



… March 21 was Jamshed-e-Navroz, the Persian New Year. Baba was bathed and worshiped, and his arti was sung. Group […]

“Real satsang can be had only near me”

The qawaali program led by Habib Qawaal of Ahmednagar and his musicians then started. Baba would often explain the meaning of key verses of […]

East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: “Try to remember me, try to please me, try to do as I wish” – Part 2 (Final)



Baba smiled, and continued:

A person on the spiritual path gets the urge to know God. Then, if on the Path, he […]

Mind’s false ego – Part 2


The result will ever be that God was ever before the time you can imagine. How can you succeed to bring God, Who […]

“Become men of Experience, and for that be like the dust at the Master’s feet.”


Maulana Rumi was a great savant (scholar) of his time. He could give good speeches and discourses. When he traveled from place to place, […]