Godliness is on auction – only real love unlocks the treasure store


After each discourse, Baba would urge the boys:

“Love me and you will realize me. I am ready to make you like Vivekananda, […]

Personal effort required for complete manifestation of the Divine spark of love

Baba: “Some time ago, I had implanted a spark of Love in the hearts of some of the boys as well as in a […]

20121124 – I shall make pure gold from your mixed alloy


The next morning around ten-thirty, Baba explained to the boys:

At first, it was my intention to advance you gradually on the path, […]

20121121 – How to search for God

Baba with Meher Ashram school children


On November 25th, Meher Baba discoursed to the ashram boys about love for God:

God […]

20121120 – Baba explains the progression of evolution in simple terms to Ashram boys



[Baba started Meher Ashram school for boys in 1927 at Meherabad. He explained spirituality in simple terms to the boys. Later Baba […]