When the sun is high up, it does shine on you even if you don’t want it to


[Personal interviews]

Happy to see you. [Feels somewhat nervous.]

Do not feel nervous. Anything to ask or say?

I have doubts between […]

People talk, but do not seek God’s grace


[Personal interviews]

Q: In this standpoint of “Love” Consistent with Christian dogma?

Baba: Love has in it selfless service and renunciation of low […]

Don’t think much of self while doing service

[Personal Interviews]

Question: I am very happy to see you.

Baba: Anything to say?

Question : About the children for whose […]

Think less of yourself



Baba: Anything to ask?

[She just looks at Baba]

Baba: And in reality, from the spiritual viewpoint there is never a need […]

Think of helping but not of results


Question: She has to speak to people, she believes, who are worthy to be helped; but they do not listen to […]

Ways to overcome ones weaknesses

Q. Could you show us some means to overcome our weaknesses and faults?

Baba: By selfless service, devotion and love. By utilizing our best […]

Sincere selfless service gradually wipes away lower self


Sincere, selfless service to others, which if done wholeheartedly, will gradually wipe away much of the [lower] self element in one’s nature, and […]

Temporary relief vs Real remedy


Then he explained a subtle difference between relief and His help. He used different languages while commenting on this subject and the gist […]

Real service – to give real lasting happiness

Toni said, “I am only happy when I can do something for people. There is not even a hospital here …”

Baba said:

Yes, […]

Constant self-giving

Have faith and you will be redeemed.

Have love and you will conquer the lower and limited self of cravings that veil […]