Purifying the heart (6/7): The fire of divine love alone can destroy all impressions



“It is better to feel angry sometimes than merely to suppress anger. You then […]

Purifying the heart (5/7): Leave thoughts alone, maintain a constant vigil over actions



“The best way to cleanse the heart and prepare for the stilling of the […]

The “dark spiritual night” (1/5) – Let the thoughts come and go


[This series contains a wonderful discourse Beloved Baba has given on the surge of thoughts and how to handle them]

A […]

Let disturbing thoughts come and go


Question: I have been trying so hard to bring the mind to a state of coma, but the rush of thoughts […]

“It is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self” – Part 2

To cleanse our hearts is very difficult. How to do that? It is not in renunciating the world and leading a secluded […]

Let the thoughts come and go


If obedience is impossible, then there is another way — purifying the heart. There are three ways: the first is obedience; the second […]

Spend sanskaras through thoughts but not through actions

[Speaking to Swami Krishnaji, Baba said: ]

…but you should not succumb to temptations. I do not mean you could escape them, but […]

The Voice Within

Yogis are able, at best, to concentrate their minds and see (only see) the Light; and even this much they can accomplish […]

Baba removes our ‘dirt’ like a laundryman

Meanwhile Baba had assigned different duties to Jal Kerawalla, among them being to find a good boy and bring him to Baba. Jal […]

“To drive away thoughts means not to entertain other irrelevant thoughts”

[Baba asked His lovers to maintain ‘internal silence’ by keeping away all thoughts except of ‘the Divine Theme’. Here is a part of the […]