The Gift of Love

You, yourself, are the veil. How will you remove it? As said before, take my name sincerely fourteen times, not less. Go on repeating, […]

Love God honestly

In the afternoon at the dak bungalow, Muluktla Ramalingam Sastri (whom Baba nicknamed Baba Sastri) sang some of Kabir and Mira’s songs […]

Real Love – Part 1


Turning to one member of the Australian group, Baba addressed him:

You assert, “I am God” because you have read and understood intellectually […]

You are not this body


After one woman sang a song, Baba dictated:

One who hears the music of God in his heart – such wonderful music, for […]

Obedience to Guru’s orders

In late May, Jhagirdar, one of the school teachers, invited the Master and the mandali to his house for tea. For Jhagirdar’s sake, Meher […]