The illusion and dream – Part 2 (Final)

Baba at Sakori

Japa and tapa (repetition of God’s name and penance or austerities) are also a dream. All these acts create bindings. Fasting, too, is a binding. To eat is a binding.

To escape from this bondage, leave everything to Baba and dedicate to him, in all honesty and with full sincerity, your everything. The meaning of dedication is that whatever good or bad you do during the twenty-four hours, attribute them to me. The meaning of this is that you must have full and firm faith that Baba is the sole doer, and you do nothing. You should not even have a thought of doing anything, and the belief that I do everything should be so rocklike and natural that you truly feel that Baba does all. But, it is extremely difficult to follow this.

All my discourses and other spiritual literature have no meaning. They have no substance in them. My present State is due to one kiss from Babajan. Never will this State be realized by studying any literature – religious or spiritual!, p3538
March 1954; Sakoti

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