“The only reality is to catch firm hold of the daaman”


One day, Upasni Maharaj, when we were alone in his hut, said to me with folded hands, “You are the Avatar.” Now, although it is a fact that the Avatar, God and you all are One, yet all that I want you to do is to love me, obey me with full faith. For Hafiz says:

“O Hafiz! Don’t bother about anything.
Only worship your Master by holding fast to his robe.
Don’t let go your hold under any circumstances.”

To make the point clear, suppose there is a railroad engine with five or six bogies attached to it. Some contain gold, some silver and some cow dung. But as long as the link with the engine is maintained, all are safe and will reach the same destination. But no sooner is the link snapped, than the wagons shall be where they are.

So, don’t bother about your thoughts, whether good or bad. Bear in mind that all thoughts are illusory. The only reality is to catch firm hold of the daaman.

Jan, 1953, Andhra Tour


… by holding fast means what? It means to keep Baba pleased always. And how to please him? By your obeying him wholeheartedly! All these years, it was I who held fast to your garment. Now the time has come that you should hold firm to mine. (www.lordmeher.org, p3698)

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