The “real gift” – Part 2 of 2

When the Omniscient bestows the real gift of love, He manifests His complete forgetfulness of it by apparently becoming callous towards His lovers. Hence the untold sufferings on the path of love that are experienced by the lovers of God, as also the unimaginable pangs of separation felt by them for their only Beloved God.

Because God is omniscient and knows the real meaning of the real gift, He becomes callous towards His lover who, absorbed in the profound depth of God’s love, becomes oblivious that he loves Him, and hence loves Him ever more intensely.

It is this “forgetfulness” which arouses in the lover the unalloyed pangs of separation and consumes him in the ever growing fires of this incomparable love form which he emerges in the image of his Beloved in triumphant and eternal unity.

-Life At Its Best, p11

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