“Your desires fill and dirty your heart”

Baba then addressed the audience [at Ahmednagar center]:

God is Infinite. He is all-pervading. He is in each and every one and in everything. Even children in schools in India know this as this is what they are taught. If one studies Vedanta thoroughly, he is under the delusion and concludes that he has reached the state of “I-Am-God,” and not only is he God, but that he is everywhere and in everything! Becoming an adept in Vedanta does not mean that one has become God. One gains thereby a mere intellectual understanding of God, Who is quite beyond mind and intellect. He can only be felt and experienced through pure love — through heart, and not through mind. This love must be 100 percent pure. It must be honest love. Only then can one cross the domain of the mind and intellect.

… Until you drink that cup of Wine of divine love, your mind plays tricks with you. Your desires fill and dirty your heart; they prevent your heart from being cleansed and you cannot see God. Once the desires are swept away, your heart becomes pure and you see God. But this needs the grace of the Perfect Master.

…You have not to renounce the world or to leave anything — your wife, children, job, responsibilities. You do not have to renounce anything! The only thing you have to give up is your own self [ego].

-www.lordmeher.org, p4929
Mar, 1963; Ahmednagar Center


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