As the Sanskaras, so the assigned duties

Because of the schoolchildren, hospital patients and the large number of mandali members staying in Meherabad, Naja had to prepare enough food for 200 meals each day. Gulmai’s daughter Dolly was staying with the women and assisting Naja, but help from the other women was not always forthcoming, since they had their own duties. Once, when very tired, Naja thought: “Mehera is not given much work. Why does Baba make me work so hard?” Although Naja did not voice her thoughts, Baba one day called his cousin and explained to her:

Have you ever heard the story of the two sisters Mary and Martha [of Bethany]? Both loved Jesus intensely.

Once Martha was preparing food for Jesus, while Mary stayed sitting by his side, listening to him speak. Martha did not like cooking in the kitchen all day long, for she had no opportunity to be in Jesus’ company. One day she complained to Jesus about it, asking him to order Mary to help her. But Jesus said, “By sitting by my side, Mary is serving me as much as you are by cooking my food.”

The sanskaras of everyone are different; hence, everyone’s duty is different. Mary was serving Jesus more by sitting beside him than Martha was by cooking his food. Continue doing your duty with love and don’t think about what others are doing. You have no idea how great your service is! It is truly great, and in the future you will realize it.

Finally consoled, Naja had received her answer and from then on began doing her work with all her heart., p583
May, 1925; Meherabad

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