Need for Repeated Efforts

“It is because an average person’s frame of mind is averse to remaining unchanged for any considerable period of time that the repeated […]

Confinement makes one appreciate freedom

For all practical purposes, attaining the human body is the journey’s end, but the sanskaras (impressions) amassed in the travail of gaining this consciousness […]

The supreme importance of attaining the human body

Man’s full consciousness, painstakingly earned through the endless illusory experiences during evolution, is trapped within these very experiences that were so necessary to enable […]

Illusory world

Illusion is the basis of the juggler’s tricks. Through Maya, the world, which is no more substantial than a mirage, appears to be real. […]

How to develop the feeling of brotherhood

Hettger expressed his desire to see people more and more as his brothers, saying, “Sometimes, it is difficult to see all as brothers.”


Whatever has been created by true love never dies

Another New Yorker was Harry Hettger, who had come to Myrtle Beach by bus. When Baba saw him briefly, at 3:40 P.M. […]

Above purity is love

Adele wolkin with Beloved Baba, Meherazad

Adele [Wolkin] met Baba at 10 […]

God and our existence

“God is infinitely more vital to your existence than your breath which is your very life. Ordinarily, life is associated with breath; but […]

How will you get rid of this false self?

Continuing on the subject of honesty, one day Baba gave this discourse:

Absolute honesty is […]

Baba’s universal work

Unlike at other public places, Baba was not in a hurry to leave, and his former morose mood since arriving in Milan, Chanji […]