“Nothing at all can compare with this love which I offer”

Baba began expounding on the nature of his love, stating at the end, “You have to love so much that all this world you […]

Baba’s love is with his lovers always

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!



“Don’t […]

“You have no idea of my love and compassion”

One of you has said, Baba, I am doing my duty honestly, yet I am not happy.

Who is to be blamed for this? […]

When Baba wants to get to you, he gets to you

The entire group had followed Baba to the airport to see him off, but as he had earlier instructed, Baba prohibited […]

“Ask and you lose!”

Lud [Dimpfl] returned the following day, and spent the morning and afternoon with Baba. At one point, Baba explained to him,

“Love Me more and that will take care of everything”

Why should you feel yourself unworthy and why do you think that I am pulling on you and so forth? […]

“I shall open my heart completely and keep it open”


“Only on certain occasions do I open a little of my heart and give out a little love. In Poona this time, I […]

“It is my love that is reflected through you all”

Addressing the group, Baba stated:

“It is I who love. No one loves me. It […]

“I am full of only love from head to foot”


[Today 2 October 2019 is Gandhi’s 150th birthday. Gandhi met Baba in London on 2 October 1931 on Gandhi’s birthday. Below is part […]

“One who asks for nothing, gets everything”

Filis next to Mani

[Filis’s interview with Baba]

The next morning, May 11th, Baba allowed a […]