“You have no idea of my love and compassion”

One of you has said, Baba, I am doing my duty honestly, yet I am not happy.

Who is to be blamed for this? Does God take advantage of my weakness? I am happy with your frankness, but you have yet to come to that honesty which will show you that you cannot blame anyone for your condition.

Whatever you want to be, that you become. However, if you want to blame anyone blame me, for everything in the universe has come out of me and so I am the only one who can be blamed.

But you have no idea of my love and compassion which sustains your very being. In love is infinite compassion, and whatever happens is already tempered by compassion. You cannot understand this unless you go beyond the reach of mind.

If at all I did take advantage of your weakness it would be only for your advantage. Weakness is but a degree of strength. As Infinite Life I experience myself as everyone and everything; I enjoy and suffer through you to make you aware that you are Infinite.

-The Everything And The Nothing, p49

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