“One who asks for nothing, gets everything”

Filis next to Mani


[Filis’s interview with Baba]

The next morning, May 11th, Baba allowed a few of his lovers private interviews in the Lagoon Cabin. He even sent Adi outside, who was reading the alphabet board. Filis recalled her interview at 9:45 A.M. as follows:

I was alone with God! And, I felt very shy, but happy. I was overcome by his beauty. He spelled slowly on the board, “Any questions?” and I shook my head. But of course, a deep question welled up within my heart: Why all that suffering? Why did I go through all that I did? Baba silently answered me. He took my hand. It was like holding a child’s hand, or a rose; the flesh was pure, almost transparent. I could feel his blood going through me – like a blood transfusion – and I felt his suffering. He took my wrist in his hand, and I felt a mystical sense of sharing his suffering, he sharing mine. It was a wordless answer.

Then, I silently said to him, “Baba, I always want you for my Master – all the way to the end.” And Baba nodded in reply, “I’ll be with you to the very end.”

He called Adi back in the room with a clap. Then, he spelled out on the board, “One who asks for nothing, gets everything.” Again he spoke of love for God as the only thing that is real, and ended by saying, “Your love for me is so genuine, real and pure, that I am deeply touched. Do you know why you love me? Because I love you.”


-Photo source: http://www.mehercenter.org/meherbaba/1952_6.html

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