20130310 – I am the Shah Saudagar – The Merchant-King


If you want to know God, the only solution is to catch hold of my daaman [robe]. If you care for God, if you have a sincere longing for Union, then hold on to my garment firmly. But if you have other wants to satisfy, if you want health, riches, children – then do not come to me. There are many saints who can satisfy your desires.

I am the Shah Saudagar – in Iran, a merchant prince or one who monopolizes a trade.

Baba asked Aloba to read a certain verse from Hafiz, which Baba explained as follows:

There are three types of dealers:

1) merchant kings who monopolize a business;

2) wholesalers;

3) retailers.

If you need a small thing like a needle, you go to a retailer, not to a wholesaler and certainly not to a merchant king. So to come to me for physical and material desires is of no use because I do not deal in such insignificant things like granting boons.


(Nov, 1955 Sahavas)

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