Affliction a God-given chance of coming nearer to Him

Baba bathing a leper

That evening Baba had been invited to Dr. Patwardhan’s leper colony, five miles from Amraoti. He was taken around the […]

An opportunity to remember Baba more frequently

[In a long letter to Ramchandra Gadekar, who was ailing with cancer, dated 1 February 1959, Baba wrote:]

Baba knows how you have […]

“Keep firm and dedicate all your worries to me”

Baba at Rubens Hotel in London, 1956

One couple who came before Baba then was Minta and her husband, Glynn Barton, who […]

Baba will not let you falter

Even though Baba was in seclusion during August 1935, he still attended to his correspondence, listening to letters and dictating replies. On the […]

Physical suffering

Observing one woman who looked worried about something, Baba remarked:

“Shut the trap of your mind and end all your worries. Open […]

Suffering should be for something worthwhile

A finely dressed man came to see Baba and prayed to him for guidance on the path. Baba asked him, “For what do you […]

Real alleviation of suffering

The quest for happiness is irretrievably enmeshed in the problem of the illusion of the world of form with which the individual self has […]

Why Avatar suffers despite enjoying infinite bliss

Now I will explain the paradox of why a Qutub or the Avatar, who enjoys infinite bliss, is said to be simultaneously […]

Why misery perpetually exists on earth

Ivy Duce was sitting beside Baba and they photographed her asking him, “Why should misery perpetually exist […]

Universal suffering and awakening

The present world chaos and universal suffering are absolutely necessary for the eventual universal spiritual upliftment and for a new world, where peace, love […]