“I come to awaken all!”

When Bhau was with Baba during nightwatch, Baba would ask about the letters received. One day Bhau answered, […]

Need for another terrible dream

[Personal Interviews – Zurich, 1934]

A German Editor. He feels that the Swiss people are not receptive of Eastern lore. The people do not […]

Awakening is a gradual process

At one point, Baba translated a few couplets of the Perfect Master Kabir: “One cannot start running at full speed; one must gather momentum […]

Awakened to his true nature

Man has to be stripped of his material possessions in order that he may realize through actual experience that his true base is spiritual […]

Reversing the direction of their mind

Slowly and gradually, the Master takes his disciples to the illimitable Truth. If there is too much hurry, there is the risk of the […]

Universal suffering and awakening

The present world chaos and universal suffering are absolutely necessary for the eventual universal spiritual upliftment and for a new world, where peace, love […]

“Awake now and save yourself from further entanglement”

I cannot expect you to understand what I want you to know all at […]

“This dream should be so adjusted that it awakens you“


Questioner: Why does God, who is so kind and merciful, give suffering and pain to so many?

Baba: God has nothing […]

“The untold Infinite Treasure is within you”


On Friday, 29 April 1960, about 50 lovers and devotees arrived from Calcutta, Jabalpur and Hamirpur. To a group from Madhya Pradesh and […]

His Avataric Advent – To give love, to awaken mankind

“What is your purpose, sir, or what is your work in the world?” asked Donald Smith.

“To give […]