Love, obedience and surrender

Love is a gift from God to man. Obedience is a gift from Master to man. Surrender is a gift from man […]

Reversing the direction of their mind

Slowly and gradually, the Master takes his disciples to the illimitable Truth. If there is too much hurry, there is the risk of the […]

The challenge of life’s game

Often the aspirant becomes discouraged when he begins to understand how very long and difficult the path is. But these are persons who are […]

A simile of the spiritual path

“… Baba has used the following simile to describe the progress of an aspirant on the Path:

“He likens the Path to a house […]

What matters is the direction

Malya Rudhyar, the astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s wife, was touring India and came to Nasik on the 31st. The Rudhyars had met Baba in Boston […]

The three states of experience on the path — enthusiasm, depression and hope

On the 25th, Baba explained about three stages of experiences on the spiritual path — enthusiasm, depression and hope:

There are three states of […]

Why spiritual progress is gradual?

The question was then asked, “Why don’t you Sadgurus improve everyone and lift them up to Realization all at once, instead of advancing them […]

The Only Reality

The ability to exercise constant control over one’s low desires is no mean achievement. Success in establishing a lasting sublimation of all desires is […]

The way to divinity lies in renouncing evil in favor of good

Right from the beginning of human evolution, the problem of emancipation consists in cultivating and developing good sanskaras so that they may overlap and […]

God and Love

The spiritual Path is like climbing up to the mountain-top through hills and dales and thorny woods, and along steep […]