Love of woman and God

A man loves a woman who is living in a distant place. His love causes him to be thinking of her all […]

โ€œFit and worthy of my doing their arti!โ€

That morning, Baba also spoke about obedience:

Hafiz says: “Don’t hanker after love and Union, but seek only the will […]

Obedience is an offering from the lover to the Beloved

In response to the replies that the Westerners had sent to Baba reaffirming their love and obedience to him, Baba had this message sent […]

Love has no limit

Dedolchow said, “Baba, I am unable to love you as much as I wish. I want to love you as you want […]

Commit not the same error again

[An important period for Baba people all over the world commenced on June 21. Baba asked his lovers in the East and the West […]

Love, obedience and surrender

Love is a gift from God to man. Obedience is a gift from Master to man. Surrender is a gift from man […]

You must try to obey

One of the group asked, “What if we want to obey, but for some reason are not able to do so physically […]

“You have done more for yourself than you can ever imagine”

Being in charge of the housekeeping and food, Ruano had been kept in the kitchen constantly, away from Baba. She became sad and jealous, […]

Obey the Master

The visitors then asked, “But why does man, although he desires to be good and honest, fail to be so?”

And Baba replied, “Not […]

What punishment is meted out to those who break the laws of God?


… They reached Visapur railway station, where Baba distributed sweets to the children and then to the teachers and mandali. They went to […]