You must try to obey

One of the group asked, “What if we want to obey, but for some reason are not able to do so physically or mentally?”

If you want to obey, then it is not disobedience. If, for instance, I say fly and you cannot, it is not disobedience, but you must try to fly! Do not say, “I cannot fly.” But just try.

In one sense it is easy to obey, but to do it with heart and soul is difficult. For example, if I say to Adi Sr., “Kill your father,” he will kill him. That is easy; he won’t be happy to do it, but he will. Complete obedience, complete blind obedience, is very, very rare.

If I tell Malcolm, “Kill Jean,” if he has full faith he will do it, but not willingly. Hence, there is a difference. Complete blind obedience is the outcome of complete faith.

–, p1778
Feb, 1937; Nasik

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