Devotion, obedience and love

At one point, Baba again warned that continually thinking of how to get rid of the ego and how to merge in the Infinite is a hindrance on the path rather than a help. Continuing, Baba emphasized obedience:

You will always find very many who do not obey. They are just devoted. They worship but do not obey. Is this clear? Obedience is more important than devotion, even if it is done unwillingly. It counts for a great deal because afterward, in the process, duality vanishes and responsibility falls upon one person – the Master, the One you obey. If he tells you to get up, you must. If he calls you, you must go.

Love is even higher than obedience. In real love – not ordinary love – love, obedience and devotion are inherent. Such love gives life, body, soul – all to the Beloved. This love is higher than both obedience and devotion., p1778
Feb, 1937; Nasik


β€œI bring out weaknesses because I love you. Be honest; weaknesses are there. You should not be afraid of them. You should be afraid of dishonesty. Who doesn’t get bad thoughts? They are the foundation of life. No house can stand without its foundation.”

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