What is that action which is I-less?

Patwardhan came to sing before Baba that day, and asked, “What is that action which is I-less? What is not motivated by the thought of I?”

Baba replied:

In all actions there is I, but the action motivated by love for the Beloved in complete surrender to him has no I in it. It is egoless ego. In true love, the lover wants to seek the happiness of the Beloved without any thought of self. He then feels that he loves all.

This is the highest state of love. All other actions, good or bad, are binding. The actions of one who has surrendered 100 percent to a Perfect Master, or the Avatar, have no I thought. In true surrender, there is no thought of Why? and Wherefore? Once your surrender is complete, all actions done by you are not yours. You have to renounce nothing but your own self. One has ultimately to go beyond the mind, because Reality is beyond it.

How can you go beyond the mind? The only solution is love. This comes only with the grace of the Perfect Master. Once the I thought goes, nothing remains. But this is very difficult. One unconsciously asserts one’s ego when one says, “I am sick, I am hungry,” et cetera. This is one’s natural ego; however, it is egoless I. The ego still remains when one asserts, “I am a doctor, I am rich, I am serving the poor,” et cetera. This ego creates hunger [for pride], jealousy and greed.

The status of love is beyond the reach of the mind. Only those who carry their lives on their sleeves can reach its threshold. In perfect love, there is perfect obedience. Very few have this courage. Even Arjuna, who loved Krishna dearly, did not obey him when he was ordered to fight in the battle of Mahabharat against his own relatives. Krishna, as a last resort, had to reveal to Arjuna his Virat Swarup. Obedience on the part of Arjuna after this experience was of no value. Obedience must be unquestioning. Only then is it of the highest order. But this is impossible.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4957
Apr, 1963; Guruprasad

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