Emancipation from the maze of actions [2/2]

Emancipation from the grip of Life and freedom from the labyrinths of actions is made possible for all and attained by a few when […]

Emancipation from the maze of actions [1/2]

Karma yoga, dnyan yoga, raj yoga and bhakti yoga serve the purpose of being prominent signposts on the path of Truth, directing the seeker […]

Only actions can nullify actions

Life is thickly linked with actions. Life is lived through actions. Life is valued through actions. Life’s […]

“You can control actions”

When Bill drove Baba to the theater on this occasion, he was worried about his thoughts. Baba knew his mind and comforted him,

“Don’t […]

What is that action which is I-less?

Patwardhan came to sing before Baba that day, and asked, “What is that action which is I-less? What is not […]

“Don’t do anything half-heartedly”

Baba advised them:

“In whatever things you undertake, throw your whole heart and mind into it. Do it sincerely, wholeheartedly. […]

“If you want to alter anything, start with actions”

The next morning, February 7th, Baba called the two Australian ladies(Ena Lemmon and Clarice Adams)  to Ashiana, where he explained to them:

Be […]

Action that is aimed at attaining God is truly intelligent

All action, except that which is intelligently designed to attain God-realization, binds consciousness. It […]

Emancipation from the reign of karmic determination

Before karma is created, the individual has a sort of freedom to choose what it shall be. But after it has been […]

Spend sanskaras through thoughts but not through actions

[Speaking to Swami Krishnaji, Baba said: ]

…but you should not succumb to temptations. I do not […]