“If you want to alter anything, start with actions”

The next morning, February 7th, Baba called the two Australian ladies(Ena Lemmon and Clarice Adams)  to Ashiana, where he explained to them:

Be happy in any conditions and don’t worry about anything. If the whole world rocks, don’t rock with it!

And particularly don’t worry about thoughts. If you want to alter anything, start with actions. Why? Because thoughts belong to the mental world, and you have no control over them unless you are established on the mental plane. But you can control your actions.

A second point [that] is most important. Do not pose. For example, when you return, and someone asks you about Baba, if you think I am the Avatar, say it; if you don’t, say so. And if you vary — thinking perhaps he could be but I’m not sure, one day I think so, one day I don’t — then say that. It is no better to think one thing than another. The importance lies in knowing and expressing exactly what you yourself think. And apply this principle to everything. Just don’t pose.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3941
Feb, 1956; Ashiana, Bombay

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