Commit not the same error again

[An important period for Baba people all over the world commenced on June 21. Baba asked his lovers in the East and the West to carry out any one of the five orders for a period of one month from June 21 to July 20, 1948, that include fasting one meal a day, repletion of Divine name for 100,000 times, feeding a different poor person every day, etc.]

After sending in their choice, some Baba devotees sought His advice on practical problems they faced while carrying out the orders.

[Regarding] partial fast and a cup of tea or coffee. One devotee unwittingly joined his friends in drinking lime juice. He felt very sorry for the breach of the order and he wrote to Baba, who pardoned him and asked him to continue the partial fast in right earnest. He was also to be on guard and not commit the mistake again.

There was one who inquired about the size of the cup, and Baba, with gay mischief in His eyes, gestured, “Any size, but only one cup a day and no more!”

In an earlier period, some of the devotees had been asked to observe a fast once a week. During this June July period, the previous order was suspended. A young Baba lover informed Baba that in the beginning he used to have some slices of bread with his tea as “a part of the morning tea.” Later on he felt that it was not literal obedience and wrote to Baba about it. The reply conveyed, “Worry not over the past. Be vigilant in the present. Commit not the same error again.”

The third order concerned feeding the poor. One of my friends, who had agreed to abide by it, fell sick. The poor man who was brought to his house refused to be fed morsel by morsel, but my friend’s health did not permit him to go out in search of other persons, even on the successive days. Baba directed him to try as best he could and leave the results to His divine will.

-Glimpses of the God-Man, pp 338-9


If you work for Him honestly, with an open heart, God helps.
(, p3380)

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