Why spiritual progress is gradual?

The question was then asked, “Why don’t you Sadgurus improve everyone and lift them up to Realization all at once, instead of advancing them so slowly and gradually?”

“Because,” Shri said in reply, “If I did so you would abide in the Majzub state, unconscious in your knowledge of the realized self, and you wouldn’t be able to come back down again. This is not the ultimate goal or aim which you are meant to attain.”

Pointing to one of the mandali whose hand was in a sling (jholi), Shri then gave a nice simile. “This hand, you say, is yours. It is part of your body. You have other body parts as well. But you have to treat this particular injured body part as a separate case, distinct from those other body parts that are unimpaired. You are obliged to give it proper treatment, medicines, and whatever may be required to make it as healthy as your other body parts are.

In the same way, all of you are different parts of one whole body of truth; but you are diseased and defective, like the hand just described. To make you as parts of that one great body of Truth as whole and perfect as the others are, I have to have this bell rung, calling you here to listen to these words of advice, guiding you and instructing you, giving proper training to your mind and body, so that all the different parts may work together, so far as possible, in perfect harmony on the path to truth.”

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p360

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