Need for another terrible dream

[Personal Interviews – Zurich, 1934]

A German Editor. He feels that the Swiss people are not receptive of Eastern lore. The people do not seem to take much interest.

BABA: Yes, but now they will. The internal message of Love will reach every heart, because it is the same Infinite One in the Swiss, in the German, as in all peoples. It will be unlocked and opened. My love will do that.

Q. Will it affect the materialistic world of the West ?

BABA: Yes: because when the “turning-point” arrives, those who are materialistic will get a great shock.

Q. Switzerland goes through the same crisis as in 1914.

BABA: Even if the people do not respond readily to the expression of the message of Love, the spirit of it will work.

Q. He fears that it will be necessary for this country to be attacked by others.

BABA: Not necessarily. But one shock it will have, to make it understand. It is like a dream into a dream (“Maya” into “Maya”). Sometimes to awaken one from an alluring dream, there is need of another terrible dream.


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