Act in preference to your heart over mind


[A questioner speaks of the conflict between emotion and discretion]

Baba: When the intellect discards the dictates of conscience, or when the heart does not respond to what the intellect says, there is disharmony. So discretion and emotion must go hand in hand. In every phase of life, material and spiritual, this is true. If you accept a thing without discretion, and later on repent for it, there is disharmony. Similarly, if you don’t accept a thing through prejudice, and later on find you ought to have accepted it, there is disharmony.

People seem to seek happiness, but they make it so complicated that they become disgusted with it. Yet it is so simple. If discretion [head] and emotion [heart] act together, it is better. But if preference is to be given spiritually, it is first to the conscience.

If your heart says it is right to love God in everyday life, and your intellect says it is wrong, you are to decide immediately to act in preference to your heart. Real happiness is within. Once you know how to attain it, you will find it everywhere.

–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p151


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