People talk, but do not seek God’s grace

[Personal interviews]

28. A clergyman and a doctor friend.

Q. From the Christian standpoint, Christ is the only one; he is unique. Do you believe that ?

Baba: Unique, indeed, from the standpoint of his state and consciousness. The Mahommedans claim that Mahommed is the only prophet. The Hindus claim Krishna, the Buddhists claim Buddha, the Parsees Zoroaster. Each says that his ideal of the prophet is the unique one. But why bother about that ? What do “names” matter ? What is important is the life that Jesus lived. To understand Christ, to know him, one has to live his life. Mere ceremonies, talk, discussions, and criticisms do not help one towards knowing Christ. Christ taught one simple thing – Love – and in few of his followers has that Love developed.

Q. Is this standpoint of love, consistent with Christian dogma ?

Baba: Love has in it selfless service and renunciation of desires. Pure Love includes everything. If one loves, all other qualities dissolve themselves: and by Love I mean Pure Love – not sexual love as it is meant today in the world of matter.

Q. This kind of love is impossible without the help of Masters.

Baba: God is within and without. Why not seek him within ? If one seeks the Grace of God, and God is not able to give it, what kind of God do you call him? People talk, but do not seek his Grace. God is Infinite, the Soul of Souls. And the individual souls are the drops of that Infinite Ocean. All this depends on outlook. You see this (pointing to a flower) as a flower; I see God in it.


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