The spiritual change of heart

Questioner: How is selfishness caused, and why?

Baba: At the root of all is selfishness, self-interest, want, desire. If two dogs see a bone, they fight because they both want it. Both have a desire to possess it. Even if they do not see and do not fight, all the same, the desire is latent there.

Questioner: Is there fear?

Baba: Why do people fear? Because they are afraid of losing the thing they want to possess.

Questioner: What are the means to be fearless?

Baba: The only possible means is the spiritual change of heart. That only will make people satisfied. They want to be “satisfied.” They themselves do not know what they want. When they get that, they will be satisfied. For instance, why do people drink? Those who labor hard all day, when they come home after the day’s work, drink for stimulation. If they get something else instead, they would be satisfied with that, and so on, until the desire for stimulation disappears. So for all material satisfaction created through desire and want, spiritual upliftment is needed.

–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p141

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