Try to be above desires of any sort

A stout, robust sadhu approached Baba, begging for money to go to Hardwar by train. Baba said:

The meaning of a sadhu is one […]

Mind is a good servant, but a bad master

[Baba once explained about the mind:]

Mind is a good servant, but a bad master. This means if you control it, it will act […]

The spiritual change of heart

Questioner: How is selfishness caused, and why?

Baba: At the root of all is selfishness, self-interest, want, desire. If two dogs see a bone, […]

Selfishness [12] – Spirituality a positive attitude toward life

Renunciation of desires does not mean asceticism or a merely negative attitude to life. Any such negation of life would make man inhuman. Divinity is not […]

Selfishness [8] – Arising of selfishness

The desires that enter into the constitution of the personal ego are either good or bad. Bad desires are ordinarily referred to as forms […]

Selfishness [6] – Renunciation of wants

Wants should be carefully distinguished from needs. Pride and anger,greed and lust, are all different from needs. You might think, β€œI need all that […]

Selfishness [5] – Road to Happiness

Selfishness inevitably leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment because desires are endless. The problem of happiness is therefore the problem of dropping one’s […]

Selfishness [4] – Caught up in vicious circle of endless disappointment

Man experiences disappointment through lust, greed, and anger; and the frustrated ego, in its turn, seeks further-gratification throughlust, greed, and anger. Consciousness […]

Selfishness [2] – Wanting ends in dissatisfaction

The range of selfishness is equal to the range of desires. Owing to the hindrance of multifarious desires, it becomes impossible for the soul to find […]

Masters not to be approached with material motives

Worldly people are so immersed in material cravings that nothing interests them unless it has some direct bearing upon the fulfillment of these cravings. […]