Honesty in service

Baba in Andhra, 1954. Photo courtesy: Meher Nazar

After the meals, Sastri informed Baba that were it not for the help rendered by Venkata […]

Bold decisions make a difficult task easy

Pure love is not something which can be forced upon somebody, nor is it something which can be snatched away from another. It is […]

Selfishness [10] – Union with ultimate Reality

From the good, the soul passes on to God.

Selflessness is merged into universal Selfhood-which is beyond good […]

Selfishness [9] – Transformation of selfishness into selflessness

Selfishness must be transmuted into selflessness before the domain of duality is completely transcended. Persistent and continuous performance of good deeds wears out selfishness. […]

Selfishness [8] – Arising of selfishness

The desires that enter into the constitution of the personal ego are either good or bad. Bad desires are ordinarily referred to as forms […]

Real happiness is to make others happy

Wonderful soul.

[She stares at Meher Baba.]

Does she want to ask anything?

What must I do for a better life […]