Creating something new by his own inner vision

Truly happy people are rare in spite of the smiles which are usually the brave front for varying degrees of internal misery. Yet everywhere […]

Peace and happiness are to be sought for within oneself

On 30 January, Baba gave this message for the new Hindi weekly periodical,Guide (published in Raipur):

Throughout the ages men have been deeply involved in […]

Happiness based on self-forgetfulness

In the P.W.D. bungalow, Baba explained to the women about maya, sanskaras and yoga. On Sunday, 24 July 1938, he spoke about happiness:


Selfishness [10] – Union with ultimate Reality

From the good, the soul passes on to God.

Selflessness is merged into universal Selfhood-which is beyond good […]

Selfishness [5] – Road to Happiness

Selfishness inevitably leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment because desires are endless. The problem of happiness is therefore the problem of dropping oneโ€™s […]

Money alone can’t bring happiness

In speaking about happiness, Baba stated:

“Look at Hollywood movie stars. They have ample money, name, fame, everything โ€” still they are unhappy. Why? […]

“It is always the outlook that counts, and not the object”

[Personal Interviews with Baba: A nurse who has some fears in life which she discloses […]

How can I have happiness?

Question. How can I have happiness ?

Baba: Everyone in the world, consciously or unconsciously, seeks happiness in one form or another. You […]

The sufferings of closed consciousness

“The perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone. Yet, if man does not release that spring by removing […]

“Be mentally free and happy”

On the 13th of October, at ten-thirty in the morning, Baba sent for Adi and Ghani. He […]