Happiness based on self-forgetfulness

In the P.W.D. bungalow, Baba explained to the women about maya, sanskaras and yoga. On Sunday, 24 July 1938, he spoke about happiness:

Everything that people do in the world is done to obtain happiness. Seeking power is to derive happiness. People strive after money wishing to find happiness through possessions. That is all right when money is used rightly, but it leads to misery and unhappiness when bad use is made of it.

Science also seeks [to promote] happiness — inventions are made for the happiness of others, and can be so, if used rightly. But when used for the wrong purposes, they lead only to greater unhappiness and misery. Take for example airplanes: If they are put to use for war, they bring death and destruction.

So what matters is happiness, since everybody seeks to be happy. When we gain God, permanent happiness is gained. Happiness based on self-forgetfulness alone leads to permanent happiness — to God. When one loses the self in making others happy, one attains real happiness, which is God. All other forms of happiness are fleeting and changeable.

This real happiness must be very strong to enable one to support all the suffering that comes to one, or like that which I have to bear!

-www.lordmeher.org, 1929
July, 1938; Meherabad

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