The Great Event and After – vision of a Zoroastrian priest

By Eruch Jessawala

AT THE TIME OF the Great Event when Meher Baba dropped His body, the Zoroastrian high priest of Ahmednagar visited the Tomb for Baba’s darshan and dressed in his priestly robes, he performed the highly unusual act for one of his class, of going down into the open crypt and touching Baba’s feet.

Now this priest had no love for Baba while Baba was alive though he respected Him, but on the morning of the day when Baba dropped His body, the priest had an extraordinary vision. After saying his prayers at about four o’clock, he went back to bed and before long he beheld Baba bathed in a bright halo, riding past him on a white horse saying that He was going to His manzil or destination. The priest immediately jumped out of bed and decided to make some enquires about Baba. When later he learned that Baba had dropped His body, he hurried to the Tomb to pay his last respects.

This is how Baba even at the last minute responded to his feelings, just as He did all along while He was with us. He was so patient with us, so kind, so loving, so compassionate and because of our experience we felt and knew Him to be the Ancient One.

– Extracted from ‘The Ancient One’, Edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p203

Photo source: Picture Of Avatar Meher Baba Sitting On Horse – God Pictures (

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