The Great Event and After – vision of a Zoroastrian priest

By Eruch Jessawala

AT THE TIME OF the Great Event when Meher Baba dropped His body, the Zoroastrian high priest of Ahmednagar visited […]

Man-Form and after

By Eruch Jessawala

THERE IS A SHARP difference between the Avatar and the Sadguru in the dropping of their bodies.

When in His compassion […]

“Isn’t it wonderful that I never leave?”

“I never come and I never go. I am present everywhere. Isn’t it wonderful that I never leave?”

-As Only God Can Love, […]

“This is His message to us”

A few days later, Mehera and Mani were sitting in Baba’s bedroom. “Baba didn’t leave us any message,” Mehera said […]

“I never leave”

“Since eternity! I never come and I never go. I am present everywhere. Isn’t […]

Pilgrimage to Meherabad – Its significance in Eruch’s words

19 August 1994

We His lovers, must not forget why we come to Meherabad in the first place. Meherabad is a place of Holy […]

The Amartithi : “Today is the day of my crucifixion”-2

By 8:00 A.M., the men mandali were back with Baba. The spasms returned. Baba again sent word to Mehera, through Mani, to be brave […]

The Amartithi: “Today is the day of my crucifixion”-1

Although Baba’s condition was serious, whenever Mehera was in the room, he perked up. Mehera, of course, […]

The Amartithi: “I am not this body!”

Baba ate very little during those final days in 1969. Goher guided Naja as to what to prepare and urged Baba, “Take this, Baba, you […]

The Amartithi: “My work is done”

Baba’s inner work intensified, and because of the impact borne by his body, each day after the work he looked exhausted.

One day in […]